Why Businessmen are Interested in Hiring an Escort for Their Trip in Delhi

Delhi escort has more lingerie than she does clothes – amen to that! From fantastical strappy creations to feminine silks and creative Basques & waspish, the deep ocean of under-clothing is a beautiful and boundless one that the elite escort swims freely in.Your partner may have a bad habit of moving a date or cancelling last minute for whatever reason: professional or leisure. However, you can guarantee that an elite escort will never cancel or move the date. On the contrary, if you keep canceling with an agency or an escort, you may risk not being able to book her again.Most importantly, there are no strings attached with an elite escort, need I explain further?



Flaxen-haired beauties love to boast about the attention they garner from their golden locks but at ashnaahuja.com, we remain staunchly loyal to brunette beauties. I mean, a beautiful blonde is an amazing, and rare, sight to behold but there is something more tantalizing and alluring about a dark mane that slips through your fingers like black sand.

Why a brunette elite escort is always a good option

Dwarka escorts have gone from strength to strength, especially since more models of mixed ethnic backgrounds have come on the fashion and media scene. And with the world blonde: brunette ratio leaning towards the latter, its worth discussing why these sultry beauties are on route to world domination. Brunettes look amazing with tattoos and piercings! Recent surveys have shown men to like tattoos when the woman is brunette, only to disapprove when a blonde showcases body art. Tattoos are a hit and miss with gentleman: sometimes they don’t mind them, they love them, or they dislike them completely. Either way, the proof is in the pudding and brunettes carry off ink designs better than their blonde counterparts. It sounds unfair due to the biased judgment passed on a sub-conscious level, but hey that’s life!

Clients are more likely to book brunette escorts in Mahipalpur for holidays due to the adventurous image they convey. Famous figures, such as Elena and Dania, shone in their respective ‘duties’ outdoors and we all know them for their trademark long dark hair – as well as other attributes, of course!

If you are highly active and love to go mountain climbing, scuba diving and water surfing, then brunette escorts will keep you active all day and night.


It’s brutal but it’s true: universally, brunettes are deemed as more serious and mature, which is why they will be booked for longer, where good conversation is pivotal to the experience. It’s not all doom and gloom for blondes because they actually look younger than brunettes in their late twenties. The fun and bouncy surfer chick look takes years off an appearance and is a less intimidating look for when men approach her for sex.

Dehradun escorts are more self-sufficient and patient; this really comes as no surprise. Looking for the attention of the barman whilst waiting to order your cocktails or having trouble changing your tyre? Well exercise your tolerance levels and learn to do DIY yourself because a blonde will always make a head-turn first towards her direction. On the plus side, this makes a brunette escort a perfect companion because she’s more assertive and decisive in her decision making – no co-dependency here. Choosing meals off the menu is easy and when you are scrambling to find a cab, she has already ordered an Uber.